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The Best Apps for Learning German

5 Best Apps for Learning German

Editor’s Choice An enormous library of video and audio lessons delivered by native speakers, with a completely flexible syllabus catered to your needs. CHECK LATEST PRICE 2nd Choice Follow the fascinating story of ‘Der Mann mit dem Hut’ as you indirectly master all the main components of the German language. CHECK LATEST PRICE 3rd Choice …

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The Best Apps for Learning French

5 Best Apps for Learning French

Editor’s Choice One of the most popular French language apps, known for it’s energetic video and podcast style lessons. CHECK LATEST PRICE 2nd Choice A fully immersive French language program based upon Olly Richard’s StoryLearning® methodology. CHECK LATEST PRICE 3rd Choice A brilliant supplementary tool for boosting listening skills & vocabulary in a highly engaging …

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TurkishClass101 Review

TurkishClass101 Review

The following TurkishClass101 Review is up-to-date as of October 23rd, 2021. Please note that this review contains referral links — however, we only recommend products that we have personally used and think are worthwhile. There are many great reasons for learning to speak Turkish including having Turkish friends and family, travel purposes, and business ventures. Did …

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Spanish Uncovered Review

Spanish Uncovered Review (Story Learning)

This Spanish Uncovered review is up-to-date as of February 13th, 2023. If you’re a relative beginner in Spanish and are wondering which course is right for you, read our review of Spanish Uncovered — in our opinion one of the most unique, fun and effective self-study language resources we’ve come across in recent years. What …

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Rocket Arabic Review

Rocket Arabic Review

This Rocket Arabic Review is current and up-to-date as of October 21st, 2021, and covers the 2021 version of Rocket Arabic. The Arabic language is considered one of the most difficult for a native-English speaker to learn. It ranks alongside Mandarin and Japanese according to the Foreign Service Institute (FSI). That doesn’t mean you should …

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