CzechClass101 Review (featured)

CzechClass101 Review

This CzechClass101 Review is up-to-date as of October 23rd, 2021.

There are tons of reasons you may want to learn to speak Czech. Perhaps you have friends, family, or even a new love interest who speaks Czech, or maybe you plan to visit or move to the Czech Republic and want to be able to get around without feeling like a tourist. Innovative Language’s CzechClass101 can help get you started.

The Czech language is spoken by about 12 million people worldwide with the vast majority of those living in the Czech Republic and some in Slovakia. In fact, Czech and Slovak are two of the Slavic languages that are mutually intelligible. Therefore, learning one or the other can be a huge benefit. Read our CzechClass101 review below!

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CzechClass101 Review: Overview

With four expertise levels and three flexible subscription plans, CzechClass101 offers a comprehensive program designed to teach you how to speak Czech while fitting it into your busy lifestyle. Use the program on your mobile device or home computer when it suits you. There are hundreds of hours of lessons in the form of videos and podcasts.

You will also find interactive learning tools to help keep your studies fun and interesting. A few other features available with the different subscription levels include:

  • Complete access to the lesson library
  • New lessons added each week
  • Word bank and phrase lists
  • Quizzes and assessments
  • Daily quick lessons
  • Word-of-the-day emails
  • Interesting and relevant lesson topics
  • Learning tools like flash cards and voice-recording comparisons
  • One-on-one instruction
  • Personalized learning plans and assignments

What We Like About CzechClass101

PRO #1: Extensive Lesson Material

CzechClass101 offers one of the largest lesson libraries of any online learning program. There are hundreds of hours of lessons accompanied by lesson notes and optional games and activities to keep you motivated to learn to speak Czech. Lessons also make sense in today’s world. You won’t find dry, outdated material, but instead information you can use now.

PRO #2: Native Speakers Teach Lessons

With native Czech-speakers as your instructors, you can rest assured you are getting the correct pronunciations. They will also key you in on key cultural norms as well as some useful slang. The instructors are upbeat to keep lessons fun and interesting, and it’s easy to form a sort of rapport with them.

CzechClass101 Review Lesson screenshot

PRO #3: Quick Lessons

The lessons last from three to 15 minutes, so it is quite easy to slip them into your everyday schedule. You can listen to podcasts on your commute to work or while in waiting rooms. Additionally, it is easy to carve out a few minutes to complete a lesson each night before bed.

What We Don’t Like About CzechClass101

CON #1: Not Suitable for Advanced Czech Speakers

Advanced Czech speakers who want to enhance their fluency may find these lessons to be a bit like child’s play. Though the content for beginning to intermediate speakers is sufficient if not better, advanced speakers will find it lacking.

CON #2: Inactive Community Forums

Though the idea of a community of others learning to speak Czech is a good one, it simply doesn’t work here. It may be the lack of demand of those learning the Czech language, but there is little activity in the Czech forum. Therefore, it is difficult to find others to practice your speaking with unless you live in a Czech community or have Czech friends and family.

CON #3: Little to No Feedback

Unless you opt for the most expensive PremiumPLUS monthly subscription, there is very little in the way of feedback. It can be hard to know if your pronunciation is correct or have your questions about the language or culture be addressed.

CzechClass101 Features


The dashboard is your CzechClass101 control center. This is where you can change your experience level or subscription plan. It is also where you will be taken as soon as you log into your account. You will be able to access your lessons here along with any other learning tools your subscription supplies. Additionally, all the latest news from Innovative Language is posted here first.

Learning Pathways

Your learning pathways are your sets of lessons most often based upon a single topic. There is a guided pathway that will take you through learning like you would in a classroom setting. There are also other pathways that cover things like traveling, emergencies, and even applying for jobs in Czech. How you decide to learn is completely up to you.

Czech Podcasts

As mentioned, the podcast lessons can be listened to nearly anywhere and anytime. Each podcast comes with detailed lesson notes documenting what you just learned.

Video Lessons

Like podcasts, video lessons also come with detailed lesson transcripts. Videos are different than podcasts because they allow you to see what you are speaking. Additionally, most words are flashed across the screen as you read them to further help with understanding.

Lesson Transcripts

These transcripts or notes are available with each lesson. As a bonus, you can even download and print them to read over at a later time if it suits you.

Learning Tools

There is a variety of learning tools and games to help keep the learning fun. You can find a voice-recording tool to compare your pronunciation to that of the instructor’s. Additionally, you will find flashcards, quizzes, word banks, and phrase lists to aid in your study.

Who Should try CzechClass101?

Because everyone learns in different manners, no language program can be a one-size-fits-all. Those who will benefit from using CzechClass101 include those who:

  • can dedicate time each day to studying.
  • thrive at independent study.
  • are self-motivated.
  • want to quickly learn travel phrases and words.

Who Should Not try CzechClass101

On the other side of the coin, some people may not benefit from using CzechClass101. This includes those who:

  • prefer instruction from a teacher.
  • lack motivation or cannot find time to study.
  • are already fluent Czech speakers who want deeper knowledge.

CzechClass101 Alternatives

It is difficult to find many online sources for learning to speak Czech, but our review wouldn’t be fair without offering a few alternatives.

CzechClass101 vs. Duolingo Czech

Duolingo Czech is an app and computer based language-learning program that uses a game-like interface. The best part is that it is completely free. However, you will not find comprehensive lessons with Duolingo.

Most activities center on fill-in-the-blanks, constructing sentences out of words you’re given, or translating sentences. There is an activity that allows you to speak your answers, as well. That said, there truly isn’t much structure to what you learn, and the material feels very random. Is this a good accessory to a more in-depth program? Yes. Will you become fluent in Czech using Duolingo alone? No.

Read our full review of Duolingo here.

CzechClass101 vs. Glossika

Glossika is designed around listening and repeating what you hear. It claims this is the most natural way to learn because this is how you learned to speak your native tongue. Glossika does not waste time on words or phrases that are generally spoken in English no matter where you are.

Instead, this program forces you to start speaking immediately in a game-like fashion. Each time you complete a sentence repetition, you gain a rep. Glossika keeps track of your reps and your progress. This program can be a bit more expensive than others out there.

Read our full review of Glossika here.

CzechClass101 Cost

Upon signing up for your free lifetime account, you are automatically given your first seven days of the Premium plan for free. For just $1 more, you can extend your Premium subscription for one month. This allows you time to try out all that CzechClass101 offers without the expense.

CzechClass101 Review 30 coupon screenshot

After your first month, you can upgrade or downgrade to a plan that meets your needs. The prices listed below are based on month-to-month subscriptions. If you sign up for a long-term subscription, you can save more money.

Basic Subscription — $8/month $2.80/month (using this link)

  • Complete lesson access with detailed notes
  • Access on Android, iOS, or computers

Premium Subscription — $25/month $7/month (using this link)

  • HD Video and Interactive lesson quizzes
  • Learning tools like flashcards
  • Czech audio dictionary

PremiumPLUS Subscription — $47/month $16/month (using this link)

  • One-on-one consults with instructor
  • Personalized lesson plans
  • Assignments and ongoing assessments

CzechClass101 Review Conclusion

While we feel this is an ideal platform loaded with information for those just starting to learn to speak Czech, more advanced learners might find it lacking in higher-level content. That being said, the price point is great for the amount of information you get. Because there are so few Czech programs out there, CzechClass101 stands out as one of the most comprehensive on the market.

Get a free 7 day trial of CzechClass101 Premium by using this link to sign up.