RussianPod101 Coupon Code (new)

RussianPod101 Coupon Code

So you’ve decided to speak Russian? RussianPod101 offers you the best online platforms to learn to speak Russian faster and more efficiently. Check out our RussianPod101 review for more info. Check out our best RussianPod101 Coupons below:

Editor’s Note: All these coupon codes have been rechecked and are working as of February 2023. 

60%-77% Off RussianPod101 Coupon (Premium Only) Lifetime Membership

This deal is a special, unadvertised lifetime membership deal that we somehow found out about. Basically instead of paying every month (or year), you can just pay the one time and have access for life. The savings are calculated based on using the account for 5 years, but of course if you use it longer, that’s even more money saved. Here’s the RussianPod101 Coupon for 60% or 77% *depending on which option you choose:


RussianPod101 Coupon 2023: 30% Off Any Level Subscription

This Russian Pod 101 Coupon Code will help you save big on your monthly subscription – Basic, Premium or PremiumPlus. The 30% discount is automatically applied when you sign up using the link we have provided below:

If you already have your RussianPod101 account, you can still use the coupon code. Read on to see how you can use it.


How to Use the RussianPod101 Coupon Code

First-Time Users

You can acquire your RussianPod101 discount in a very simple way. Follow the steps below:

Click here for your RussianPod101 Discount Code

Once you click on the link provided above, you will be led to the RussianPod101 site. On the site, you will find the discount already applied to the listed prices.

Choose Your Plan

Now that the discount is already applied, you will quickly move to pick your plan from the three options given – Basic, Premium, or Premium PLUS.

RussianPod101 Discount on Premium Account

Enter Payment Info

You will be required to enter your payment information and billing address. You can only choose our accepted forms of payments that are provided. They include MasterCard, Visa, American Express, and PayPal.

Choose a Subscription Term

The length of the subscription terms ranges from 1 to 24 months. The longer the length of the subscription, the less the amount you will be charged.

Verify Your Account

At this point, you will be directed to enter your email address for purposes of verification of your account. Once you confirm, you can then proceed to start learning to speak Russian.


Existing RussianPod101 Users

If you are already using RussianPod101, you are also qualified to save with this coupon code. Here is how to take advantage of this discount offer.

1. Log into your RussianPod101 account.

2. When logged in, come back to this page and click on our discount code link.

3. You will be directed to choose your subscription plan. You can consider upgrading to premium or premium PLUS if you have been using the Basic monthly subscription plan.

4. The next step is to update or verify your payment information. You will also be required to choose the length of your subscriptions. Longer terms give a heavier discount.

5. Click the ‘Complete’ icon on the bottom of your screen before proceeding to enjoy your RussianPod101 like before but with upgraded features for less.


Does the RussianPod101 Coupon Code Work Everywhere?

Yes. This 30% coupon code for your RussianPod101 can work anywhere you have access to your account. Wherever you can access the internet, you can be sure this Coupon Code will work.


Should I Choose Basic, Premium, or Premium PLUS Subscription?


This one-month subscription allows you access to audio lesson library, extensive video, and 100 core words and phrases. It also allows you to download and print PDFs of your lessons for later study. Access your RussianPod101 on your iPad, iPhone, desktop, or desktop.

Opt for this Basic plan if you:

  • are on a budget
  • would want to learn key phrases and words to get along while on a trip to Russia
  • want to test your commitment to learning Russian


This 12-month subscription gives you access to what comes in the basic plan plus a host of other features. These include voice-recording tools, daily Russian lessons, audio dictionary, 1000 core words and phrases, interactive learning tools, interactive lesson quizzes, and grammar bank.

Consider this plan if you:

  • want more study materials for learning fluent Russian
  • want to watch Russian movies or listen to music
  • want daily lessons to keep materials fresh in your mind

Premium PLUS

This 24-month plan allows you to have access to complete materials that will enable you to learn to speak Russian language and culture. These include personalized learning plans, personal assignments, on-going professional assessments, and everything you get in basic and premium subscription plans.

Consider this plan if you:


Tips of Getting the Most Out of Your Subscription

With a great RussianPod101 Coupon Code discount, starting or continuing on your adventure to learning to speak Russian fluently can be flawless especially if you adhere to these tips of getting the most out of your subscription and study time.

  • Engage in our daily time of study for at least 30 minutes
  • Listen to Russian Podcasts when driving, riding around town
  • Use all the learning tools in your subscription for various strategies of learning
  • Print PDF lessons and read them when offline
  • Look for groups that converse in Russian, watch movies and listen to music or podcasts in Russian to improve your understanding


We are glad that you have subscribed to our RussianPod101 to learn to speak Russian. Take advantage of this 30% Coupon Code discount and master to speak Russian fluently.