FinnishPod101 Coupon Code

FinnishPod101 Promo Code

Are you relocating to Finland soon? Maybe you have Finnish ancestry and want to get in touch with your roots through the language. Whatever your reason for wanting to learn Finnish, you can make it happen with the extensive FinnishPod101 program. And with the FinnishPod101 promo codes, it has never been easier and more affordable.

FinnishPod101 Coupon Codes: Verified October 2023

All FinnishPod101 coupon codes listed below have been verified to be still working as of February 2023.

30% Off FinnishPod101

Get 30% instantly off the Basic, Premium or Premium PLUS plan. See maximum savings of $165 when you sign up for a 24-month Premium PLUS subscription. Click on the link below to have this offer automatically applied to your purchase.

30% Off FinnishPod101 Discount

60% Off FinnishPod101

With this exclusive lifetime offer, you get 60% savings on Premium access to FinnishPod101. Savings are calculated over a 5-year period but the offer is valid for life so actual savings may be more. Follow the link below to access this special offer.

60% Off FinnishPod101 Promo

77% Off FinnishPod101

This is another exclusive lifetime offer for 77% off Premium access to FinnishPod101 and 2 other languages of your choice. Savings are also calculated over a 5-year period but the offer is valid for life. Follow the link below to access this special offer.

77% Off FinnishPod101 Discount

How to use FinnishPod101 Coupon Codes

First-Time Users:

It’s as simple as clicking on the link of your preferred coupon code. The offer will be instantly added at checkout.

Existing Users:

Log in to your current FinnishPod101 account and click on the link provided to easily activate offer.

Do These Coupon Codes Work Everywhere?

Yes. There are no geographical restrictions for these to work.

Is Basic, Premium or Premium PLUS right for me?


Includes full access to the library of lessons, printable PDFs and any future updates. This is for those who have budget constraints or who only want to learn basic level Finnish.


Includes more learning tools compared to the Basic plan plus periodic assessments. This is for those who want to become fluent in Finnish.


Includes all the features of the other two plans plus one-on-one instruction with a teacher and professional assessment.

How To Get The Most Our Of Your FinnishPod101 Subscription

1. Try to schedule study times in the morning when your mind is still fresh.
2. If possible, turn off your phone while studying to minimize distractions.
3. Use the voice recording tools to see how your accent matches up against native Finnish speakers.
4. Study printable lesson notes when you can’t get online.
5. Use interactive lesson quizzes to gauge your progress.