EnglishClass101 Coupon Code

English is the most studied language in the world, and there is no better time than now to learn it. EnglishClass101 by Innovative Languages offers you the opportunity to learn English through audio, video, and other plenty of resources to help you learn English faster. And with our Discount Code, you can learn more for less!

Note: The coupon codes below have been tested by our team, and are working as of October 23rd, 2021.

EnglishClass101 Coupon for 60 or 77% Off

This offer isn’t advertised, but we think it’s a pretty good deal! This is a special lifetime offer — meaning you pay once, not monthly — for up to 77% off EnglishClass101, and is only available for premium.


EnglishClass101 Coupon for 30% Off

By clicking this blue button, the discount will be applied to your cart when you sign up:

Existing EnglishClass101 users can also make use of this discount. Read on for more info on how to use the coupon code with your existing account.

How to Use EnglishClass101 Coupon Code

First-Time Users

Activating your EnglishClass101 discount code is simple. Nonetheless, you can follow these few steps we have outlined below to make your activation process of the code even easier.

1. Click on the EnglishClass101 Coupon Code

By clicking on the EnglishClass101 Coupon Code, you will be directed to the EnglishClass101 site. Bear in mind that the coupon code discount is already applied to the listed prices for each subscription.

2. Pick a Plan

On the EnglishClass101 site, you will find three subscriptions that include Basic, Premium, and Premium PLUS which all are monthly subscription plans. The Basic plan lasts 1 month, the Premium takes 12 months while the Premium PLUS lasts 24 months.

EnglishClass101 Discount Code Applied Screenshot

3. Enter Your Payment Information

Now that you have chosen your preferred subscription plan, it is time to enter your payment information. You can do this by entering your billing address and choosing from the listed forms of payment modes that include MasterCard, Visa, PayPal, and American Express, whichever suits you.

4. Pick a Subscription Term

The length of subscription terms range from 1 to 24 months and the charge for EnglishClass101 reduces considerably as the subscription term lengthens. So, if you opt for a longer subscription term like the 24 months, with the 30% discount, you can save a lot.

5. Verify Your Account

As a first-timer, you have to verify your account by entering your email address. Once it is verified, you can now embark on learning to speak English through your EnglishClass101 in the most fun and customized way.

EnglishClass101 Teacher


Existing EnglishClass101 Users

If you are an existing EnglishClass101 user, you can also use the EnglishClass101 Coupon Code discount by following these steps below:

1. To activate the discount code, you have to be logged into your EnglishClass101 account.

2. Come back to this page and click on the EnglishClass101 Coupon Code link:

3. After you have clicked the link you will be asked to choose your preferred subscription plan. If you have been enjoying a basic or premium subscription plan, it is advisable to upgrade to either Premium or Premium PLUS.

4. Proceed to verify or update your payment info and choose the duration of your subscription. Just like we mentioned above, the monthly rate for the EnglishClass101 is reduced when you sign up for a lengthy subscription.

5. Click “Complete” at the bottom of your screen to proceed to enjoy your EnglishClass101 like before or with upgraded features yet at a reduced price.

Does the EnglishClass101 Coupon Code Work Everywhere?

Yes. Since EnglishClass101 is accessible everywhere there is access to the internet, the 30% Coupon Code works everywhere.

Should I Choose Basic, Premium, or Premium PLUS Subscription?


The Basic plan is a one-month subscription that grants you access to video and audio lesson library, access to 100 core words and phrases. You can also download and print PDFs of your lessons for later study. You can access EnglishClass101 on your iPhone, Android, Laptop, desktop, or iPad. To test your commitment to learning English, you can take this plan.


The Premium plan is a 12-month subscription that allows users to enjoy benefits that come in the Basic monthly plan plus an interactive learning tools, interactive lesson quizzes, HD video, flashcards, thousands of core phrases and words, daily English lessons, audio dictionary, voice-recording tools, and grammar bank. This subscription plan is great if you are looking to learn to speak English more fluently and want to understand English music, movies, or converse with English-speaking friends.

Premium PLUS

The Premium PLUS subscription provided the best way for one to learn to speak English. With this subscription, you will have access to all the benefits that come in basic and premium subscriptions. Besides, you will get complete access to video and audio lesson libraries and one-on-one access to a native English-speaking teacher.

You will also benefit from ongoing professional assessments, personal assignments, and customized learning plans. Consider this subscription if you are looking to become a fluent English speaker for academic, business, or personal reasons, want to enjoy the convenience of one-on-one instructions, or want a learning plan that is designed especially for you.

Tips for Getting the Most out of Your Subscription

  • Use your traveling or driving time to listen to English podcasts
  • Print lessons and read over them, especially when offline
  • Utilize all the learning tools in your subscription plan for various approaches to learning
  • Ask your tutors questions – Premium PLUS subscribers

Signing up with EnglishClass101 is your first step to learning to speak fluent English. Whether you are starting or continuing learning to speak English via EnglishClass101, the 30% discount coupon code can be very useful especially if you are struggling to pay for your subscriptions.